About the company

ConsTechnik is a dynamically developing company providing comprehensive and
professional services in the widely understood HR industry. We offer terminations from the
scope of the outsourcing, headhuntingu, of temporary employment agency, and we also
offer specialists from the scope of so-called pressure attempts as well as we are helping to
find the contracting party up to the standards of you of expectations. Cooperation with us is
the same benefits for each of the parties

MISSION ConsTechnik
People are inspiring us and a work is linking us

VISION ConsTechnik

ConsTechnik is an expert market leader in the HR industry.
We are guaranteeing the best quality of recruitment processes and the professional
selection of the managerial staff and employees.
In our action we are guided by principles of the mutual safety
and liabilities at every stage of cooperation.

In cooperation with us we are guaranteeing you:
- convenience which means that you receive you of good specialists from the given industry,
and all formalities are logistic on our side,
- safety which means that we are relying only on checked specialists for which we provide
legal terms and conditions of employment without legal consequences, what our customers
not have already to worry about no formalities from this title, thanks to
- promptness which means that our employees are performing all tasks on time flexibly
accommodating themselves to the given project,
- best quality of our services which means, that we are putting for ready and reliable
terminations, and a reliable staff is such a solution on the high level which is performing
tasks presented with her in the professional, solid and recommendable way.

We assure, that everyone of you project with our specialists it is a guarantee of the

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